Ben Vinegar

Hey! I'm Ben Vinegar, VP Engineering at Sentry. I'm also the co-author of Third-party JavaScript, a contributor to O'Reilly's Beautiful JavaScript, and an occasional conference speaker.

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Sentry is an open-source product that helps software development teams become notified of software errors in production, as well as provide powerful tools to triage and debug those errors for quick resolution. Sentry is funded by Accel and NEA, and our users include Uber, Microsoft, Dropbox, and many others.

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Third-party JavaScript Third-party JavaScript

Released in 2013 by Manning Publications and co-authored with Anton Kovalyov, Third-party JavaScript teaches readers how to build embedded JavaScript applications like widgets and analytics scripts. It has been translated and sold in several languages, including Standard Chinese, Japanese, and Portugese.

Beautiful JavaScript Beautiful JavaScript

From 2015, Beautiful JavaScript is a collection of 15 discrete chapters contributed by leading JavaScript programmers like Angus Croll, Jenn Schiffer, Nicholas Zakas, and Ariya Hidayat. I contributed a chapter on abusing JavaScript constructors to seamlessly introduce the factory design pattern.

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The best way to reach me is over email. Please note I do not respond to solicitations from recruiting agencies, outsourcing firms, product salespeople, etc.